1Why are customized insoles better than average confection insoles?

The customized insole is made personally for you to provide the ideal support for your body. There are many confection insoles, which are designed using standard parameters. As such, the arch supports in these insoles are unlikely to be in the most ideal position for your body.
Your footprint – just like your fingerprint – is unique.

2What are the customized insoles made of?

The Batz customized insole is a patent protected, proprietary insole made of a foam built up of closed cells: EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam material. The raw material of our insoles has a vibration damping feature. It is an environmentally friendly material and not harmful to health. It has excellent heat-insulating characteristics and protects your feet gains heat and cold. Resilient, highly impact resistant and keeps its form and supporting character through a long time. This material is highly durable, and it preserves its elasticity and form over a long period. The topcoat may be made of leather or cover with memory foam according to the individual choice. The cover is bonded with a solvent, water-based adhesive to the CNC milled EVA foam raw material.

3How are the customized insoles made?

After the foot pressure measurement and the collection of your personal data, the picture of your foot pressure and other infromation are sent by internet connection to the Batz design centre. There, our experts design your insoles with the assistance of the EasyCad 3D software according to the anatomical characteristics of your feet. During the insoles design phase, a special algorithm, which was elaborated by the “Sapienza Universita Roma” University, supports our experts. This algorithm contains thousands of different feet pressure pictures, and based on the information, it offers automatic adjustments to achieve the most appropriate supports for your unique foot case. After the design phase is completed, a computer-controlled milling machine carves your customized insoles  from the carefully choosen  EVA foam (from different hardness and density). Then they are manually burnished to perfectly fit inside the shoes. At the end of the process, the chosen cover material is placed on the top of the insole to finish the product. All insoles are made totally individually.

4How long do the customized insoles last?

The Batz customized insole’s material is extremely durable made with special EVA foam preserving its flexibility and original shape for several years. However, it is important to note that because of the systematic use of customized insoles, your feet’s anatomy might change, and it is therefore recommended to reorder and redesign a new insole based on new measurement every year.

5How do I use the customized insoles?

In the first few days, use the insole for only 1-2 hours and then gradually increase the use to 2-4 hours/day. Progressively increase the duration of wearing the insoles until you get used to them. For those, who have had arch sinking and its associated unpleasant symptoms, wearing the insole might be especially uncomfortable in the first days or weeks. The duration of getting used to them may take longer for elderly people. During night time, it is recommended to take the insole out of the shoe to let it breathe. For the detailed user instructions please read this page: https://egyeditalpbetet.batz.hu/en/instructions/

6What kind of shoes can I use them with?

Customized insoles can be placed in shoes that do not have built-in or glued longitudinal arch, or any other lifting surface. It is important to note that customized insoles, which provide perfect support, can be placed in shoes where there is enough free space inside the shoe. This is most likely achieved when we choose a pair of shoe with original removable insoles, which can be taken out and changed to the customized insoles.

7Can I use one insole with several different shoes?

If the shoes are similar to each other in style, form and size, then yes, you can use the insoles in more different shoes. But, because of the from you cannot insert the insole that is made for a shoe with huge inner space (e.g. hiking boots) into a different styled (e.g. casual) shoe because its space won’t allow it. Also the insoles ordered for everyday use, can not be worn for any dynamic sport in a sport shoes.

8If I have ordered customized insoles already, how can I order an extra one for another shoe?

If you have already ordered a customized insole into one of your shoes, then to order more Batz insoles will be faster and easier. Every earlier order can be find and checked in the Batz kiosk software. Just return to the shop, search your previous order in the program and send a new order using your personal data stored in the program. If you want to order a new insole within 1 year, then you won’t need any additional measurements, we may produce the new insole based on the previous pressure picture. After a year you need to take a new measurement, as by using customized insoles the foot pressure picture and so the status of the arches, and the balance may be changed, improved.

9Does the social insurance support the made of these insoles?

Unfortunately the Hungarian social security system does not currently support Batz customized insoles, however you can generally buy the insoles using your Healthcare account. Please, indicate that you want to buy with your healthcare account before paying.

10How can I get a customized insole?

To find a store location where you can buy your unique Batz customized insoles, please visit the www.batzinsoles.com website, and then navigate to the “Store locator” menu. There will be a map showed, and so the closest Batz insoles resellers can be find. The foot pressure measurement and recording of personal data only take 5-10 minutes. If you do not want to leave your home to record the information or there is no Batz shops close to you, then in Hungary you will be able to order a “foam box” online in the near future, but only with shipping to Hungary. The foam will be send with using instructions, so the pressure measurement can be made easily at home. The returned foambox will be digitalized with the 3D foot scanner.

11Does everybody need customized insoles?

Except for children under 10-12 years old, properly designed customized insoles can have a positive effect on the body. If your feet’s arches are completely healthy, then the customized insole may work as a prevention to deformations. The already formed deformities, pain and symptoms can be significantly reduced by using customized insoles. The right supports for your feet with Batz customized insoles have a positive impact on your posture as well.

12Is it possible to make customized insoles for diabetic people?

In case of diagnosed diabetes, customized insoles are only recommended after a thorough orthopaedic examination. Since there is no medical specialist in the stores, customized insoles cannot be designed for people with diabetes! High blood sugar can damage nerves, which may lead to numbness of the feet. If the patient cannot feel the pressure whilst wearing the insole, blisters, bruising and wounds may be caused which can lead to ulceration in long time. While ordering customized insoles, the customer is required to declare that he/she does not have diabetes or any other circulatory disorder caused by diabetes or ulcerative leg or foot.