The Batz customized insoles are made based on personal measurements. The Batz insole supports the cross arch and longitudinal arch of the foot with changed statical characteristics, and keeps the optimal arches of the foot as required by an individual user, alleviating thereby the tiredness or pain of the foot mitigating complaints of the patient and improves all-day comfort.The customized insole’s size and surface is designed according to the recorded measurement data and details. The insoles can be used by people with both dry and/or sweaty feet.


Batz individual insoles are designed for regular or for sport use. It is wearable naturally in urban footwear or sports footwear. They cannot be used under certain circumstances, e.g. at workplaces, where they are exposed to mud or water or to any detrimental effects of chemicals, or where the ambient temperature is out of the range of -10 °C – +30 °C.
The whole-size individual insole must be used in shoes with maximum 2-3 cm heel height, and three-quarter individual insoles can be inserted in shoes with maximum 4-5 cm heel height.
It is suggested and a good practice to change insoles after 12 months of use, and not only for hygienic reasons, but also because arches of the foot may change (improve) during use, therefore it is reasonable to make a new measurement on the current state of the feet at least once a year.


At the beginning, use insoles for 1 or 2 hours a day only, and later, increase the time of use gradually through 2 to 4 weeks until you get completely used to it. Don’t use insoles if it cause pain or complaints. For those, who suffer from flat foot since a long time, the use of insoles may be quite also unpleasant in the beginning. Elderly people may get used to it more slowly. It can take even 4 to 6 weeks.

1. It is suggested to aerate customized insoles during the night pulled out of the shoes.
2. Insoles can be damaged upon the exposure to a 60°C or higher temperature and they must be also prevented from strong mechanical impacts.
3. If an insole becomes wet, pull it out of the footwear and dry that way completely.
4. Don’t dry them near to naked flame, neither by exposing them to high temperature, e.g. on a radiator or with hair dryer.


1. Premium insoles fitted with cover materials cannot be washed – neither manually, nor mechanically. Only surfaces are to be cleaned.
2. Insoles with premium leather and velour leather covers are to be cleaned ith leather cleaning spray. Surfaces not covered with leather but with memory foam or Batz sport cover or other technical materials are to be cleaned with wet sponge.
3. Standard insoles and the ones without cover material can be kept clean easily. Insoles w/o covering can be washed manually or in washing machine at 30 °C with general-purpose detergents.
4. No insoles can be cleaned with organic solvents or strong disinfectors.


Take out the original (if removable) insoles of your shoes! If you do not have shoes with removable insoles, make sure that there is no built-in arch lift in it. Built in arch lifting shoes do not work with customized insoles! In addition, make sure that there is enough space for your feet with customized insoles.


Place the customized insole aligned to the heel of the shoe. The insole must have 2-3 mm space to be able to move back and forth. If the insole is too long and it tightens up in the heel area of the shoe, you have to adjust it to the right size. Go see the instructions down below. To make sure that you placed the left and right insoles properly inside of the shoe, you have to check if the perforations of the longitudinal arch lifting section is located in the inner edge of the shoe (see a ). If the insole is under tension or it doesn’t fit into the shoe, it have to be corrected. Only the toes-side of the insoles can be cut. Please don’t “correct” the shape at the heel-end of the insoles.



Remove the original insole from your shoe.


Lay down the custom insole, and then place the original insole on top of it. Align the two insoles by their heel area and inner edge. Outline the original insole with a pen onto the custom insole.


Cut the custom insole along the marked line.


Insert the cropped personalized insole to the original insole’s place. The insole’s size is perfect if it can move 1-2 mm along with your foot forward and backward inside of the shoe.


1. You should loosen the shoe laces and velcros through their whole length. Open the upper part of the shoe as wide as possible.
2. The heel part of the three-quarter insoles must be fitted to and pushed onto with strength to the heel part of the shoe.
3. Place the shoe almost horizontally when you put it on, to prevent the insole from crawling forward, when your foot is pushed into the shoe.
4. Then, put your foot with the shoe on the floor, stand up and check if the insole is in its right place or not.
5. The footwear with insole fits to your foot correctly if the plantar of your foot is supported by the insole properly at the areas concerned and during use the insole doesn’t become uncomfortable. If the insole presses your plantar of your foot or if it is uncomfortable, it is not inserted to the right place.
6. If the insole fits well into the footwear, you may pull the shoelace thoroughly or fix the buckles or the velcro properly.
7. The box of the insole contains adhesive spots recommended to use with three-quarter-sized insoles. We suggest to use these, if the insole must be fixed against any removal within the shoe. Pull the covering paper from one side of the spot and stick it to the middle part of the heel of the insole’s bottom side.
8. Lastly, pull down the paper from the other side of the adhesive spot and insert and fix the insole in the inside of the shoe.

The insole is made of non-toxic materials. The raw material of our insoles has a vibration damping feature; a foam built up of closed cells: EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate). It is an environmentally friendly material and not harmful to health. It has excellent heat-insulating characteristics and protects your feet gains heat and cold. Resilient, highly impact resistant and keeps its form and supporting character through a long time.

With 6 months quality guarantee, maximum 1 year wearing is expected.

Read and follow the instructions carefully. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions.