Nowadays the majority of the population wears extremely unhealthy shoes due to the power of fashion. The ladies’ extremely high heeled shoes are just as unhealthy as the too flat soled ones, for example the fashionable street shoes and sneakers. These shoes do not provide any support or vibration dampening of the feet. An improper shoe can also be significantly “improved” with a customized insole. It is important to point out that we only recommend insoles in shoes that are not too tight. This means that the shoes are not suitable for a customized insole, if

– they are already fitted with longitudinal arch lifting (lifting the foot’s inner edge inside of the shoe.)

– the original insole is not removable

– the interiors are very narrow due to their shape (e.g. pointy shoes, casual shoes)

Did you know?

We walk approximately 6-8000 steps a day.

We recommend asking our colleagues for help in choosing the best shoes, if you want a customized insole in your own shoe.

The best and safest solution is to choose a personalized Batz model; this way we can precisely consider the space, longitude and laltitude values while we design the insole.

The properly selected custom insoles and shoes can balance our body, thereby long term irreversible deformities may be prevented, and the already formed deformities and pain can be significantly reduced as well.

Customized Insoles

Personalized Batz model