Customized insoles – Luxury or Rationality?


Insoles. There are many things on earth people take as given naturally and we only become aware of these when we lose them. Seeing, hearing, tasting and walking are among these natural capabilities. We possess them without actually noticing them and panic takes hold of us lacking any. Taking walking on two feet into consideration, we tend to forget about the fact: this ability puts a heavy load on our bodies. Every single day. We put load – a priory our own weight – on our spine, waist and feet (especially bones and muscles of the feet and of soles). Besides, our body is not a mass product, it is a unique piece of art for every individual.


As fingerprints or the iris of the eye or our personality are unique, the same is our skeleton. What is more, our body position changes over the years due to constant loading (or an accident),and as a result, the following symptoms might embitter out lives: heel pains, (especially the pain in the heels of joggers) waist pain, fatigue, flat foot, fallen arch, transvers displacement of feet bones and consequent pains, callosity, hammer toe, etc. It is a logical question to ask, how could we expect a pair of confection shoes or insoles made by mass producers to correct deformations, stop pains and find in them cure for our physical complaints. Easy to realize this is a totally unrealistic expectation! In a world of technocracy, we rather spend money – hundreds and millions – on LED televisions, smart phones or on cars, and not on proper footwear.But computerized measurement of soles at any unit of Batz, and measure-made insoles that are not luxury items neither in price nor in availability, serve our everyday comfort and wellness far better than the luxury products mentioned above.

Attention: About the risks involved in wearing individual insole medical devices of Batz, please read the information sheet or ask your physician. Please see user instructions to the individual arch support at this address: .