Your footprint is as unique as your fingerprint. The image with pressure points clearly shows that not even our own two feet are identical; they have different lengths of arches and their positions differ. In a best case scenario, an average insole can be a good fit – if your feet’s arches are in the same position as where the insole’s manufacturer put their supports. However, there’s only a small chance that it will improve your situation. Most insole manufacturers try to cover many foot sizes with only one insole – in some cases it can go up to 3 sizes (e.g. 36-38). Bad positioning of supports can actually lead to creating more problems instead of solving your existing ones! Those standard insoles do not take into account the fact that two feet are different. As such, the perfect solution and the most ideal support can be only achieved by customized insoles based on individual measurements.



Did you know?

In a lifetime, we walk more than 3 times around the Earth!


There are 28 bones in a foot. If you count both feet, the sum of bones adds up to 25% of the total bones in your whole body. Furthermore, walking and/or even just standing up straight is the result of the coordinated work between 16 joints, 107 tendons and ligaments, and 27 muscles.

In an ideal case, the foot relies on the ground

upon 3 points of foot arches:


At the end of the first metatarsal


At the end of the fifth metatarsal


On the heel